THE BLUE DANUBE (2439 N. High St.)- Landmark restaurant, 1940-2018.

Opened in 1940.

In the restaurant's early days, strolling musicians like Freddie Drigo's Hungarian Ensemble or Jack Banby and His Gypsy Ensemble would entertain diners with songs of the Old Country.

Clara Bloomquist on the Hammond organ was a draw for diners in the later 1940s.

Menu originally emphasized Hungarian dishes and a wine selection but expanded to include Greek and American favorites. By the Sixties, pizza and spaghetti were on the menu. Steaks were a favorite in the Sixties.

Became a student hangout in the early 1950s. Large portions and low prices were always the big draw. Late hours made it popular with weekend revelers. Well-stocked and carefully curated juke box was another attraction.

Until smoking bans in the 1990s, a cloud of cigarette smoke filled the restaurant every evening.

Decorated ceiling tiles date from the 1990s.