EMPTY- The deserted University District at Christmastime

I've often remarked how empty it gets around the University District during the holidays when all of the students have gone home for break. Well, here's the proof.

Christmas Day 2012, Mrs. UDHCMH sent Lil Miss UDHCMH and I out to get some aluminum foil. I brought along a camera to record some of the scenes of emptiness and abandonment we passed through. On Christmas Day 2013 and 2014, we did it again.

Normally, these streets are thronged with foot and vehicle traffic and parking is bumper-to-bumper.

NORTHWOOD AVE.- Before and after. Northwood is one of the most parked up streets in the area. Here it is on December 6, 2014 and December 25.

N. 4TH ST.- N. 4th St. looking north from E. 12th Ave. East of 4th, the number of owner-occupied houses goes up dramatically and there are fewer students. Abandonment, therefore, isn't quite so complete.

SUMMIT ST.- A mostly deserted Summit St., looking south from E. 15th (above) and north from E. 12th (below).

INDIANOLA- Looking north from around Chittenden.

E. 15TH AVE.- Fraternity Row. Looking west along E. 15th Ave. from Summit St. Not a car or a pedestrian all the way to High St.

E. 13TH AVE.- Looking east along E. 13th from around Pearl Alley. This is the heart of the Student Core.

E. 12TH AVE.- Looking east along E. 12th from Indianola. This is the heart of the Student Core.

E. 11TH AVE.- Looking east from near Pearl Alley. Student Core. Cars are usually parked so tightly here you can barely get a sheet of paper between them.

HIGH ST.- Looking south from E. 14th Ave. The University District's main thoroughfare.

W. 11TH AVE.- Looking west to the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center from near High St. The South Dorms, home to thousands of students, are on the right.

W. 10TH AVE.- A little east of Worthington St (above) and a little west of Hunter (below)., looking towards High St. This is the densely populated South Campus student neighborhood near the hospital.

KROGER AT E. 7TH AND HIGH- The University District Kroger is always busy and the lot is usually close to full. Except today.

TARGET- Target at Lennox Center Mall, Olentangy River Rd. You wouldn't expect anyone to be at Target on Christmas Day. It's closed after all. Threw this in just because it one of the few times of year when the lot there isn't packed.