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Used Kids

February 7, 2016- Old band flyers covering the walls of the stairwell leading up to Used Kids Records, 1980 N. High. Used Kids occupied the former office and projection room space of the old University Theater before moving to new quarters on Summit just S of Hudson later in 2016.


November 27, 2015- Sunrise.

Early 1950s postcard of stylish old Neil Hall, 1634 Neil Ave. Built in 1926, it served as a residence hall, offices, and the Ohio State University Medical Bookstore (in the basement) until its demolition in 1997. Location is now home to the MUCH LESS stylish Younkin Success Center and a CVS.

Postcard of University Hall, sent April 29, 1912, by M__ to her friend Miss J__ in Bishopville, Ohio (Athens County): There is to be a May Festival on the campus May 10th. I hope you can come in time to see that too. It is always very beautiful to see all the girls dancing and their pretty costumes... The Thomas Orchestra will be here and one or two good singers.

December 31, 2015 was last call for 40-year-old High St. drinking, dining, and live music institution Bernie's Bagels and Deli and The Distillery, 1896 N. High St. A victim of university schemes to gentrify High St.

11th and Neil

W. 11th and Neil on a rainy winter afternoon in 2015.

January 15, 2016- Wintry view of the city from the 18th floor of the new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

April 4, 2016- Scenic Browning Amphitheater in Mirror Lake Hollow, built in 1926 by the Browning Dramatic Society. Site of a multitude of Shakespeare plays over the decades as well as concerts, protests, study sessions, meet-ups, and weddings. The University just announced $700,000 in renovations to the amphitheater.

April 11, 2016- 1509-13 N. High has been semi-ruinous for decades. Delighted to see it being restored. So nice to see a historic structure around here resurrected instead of torn-down and replaced with one of those ahistorical, region non-specific, characterless, 7-story, retail on bottom, apartments on top, vaguely Postmodern new builds.

Armory Building on The Ohio State University campus as seen one bright July morning in 1955.


Old City Ice icehouse on N Grant just south of Chittenden, December 2007. Viewed from the ruins of the old Columbus Coated Fabrics property.

Humvees for the Iraq War

Desert camoulage Humvees as far as the eye can see. Off for the Iraq War. Rolling down the CSX railroad tracks in February 2007.