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June 10, 2017- Interior of the long-abandoned Hudson Theater, 369 E. Hudson. Currently being renovated. Lamar's Hudson Theater opened in 1927 and showed films for the neighborhood until the late 1960s. It was a frequently raided porn theater in the early 1970s and a church for 20 or so years after that.

June 22, 2017- Statue crowning south facade of the former (1990-2016) Northside Branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, 1350 N. High St., c. 1997. New building opens this week.

Jun 19, 2017- Cast-off bras garland the chandeliers at Bossy Grrl's, 2598 N. High. This small but popular LGBT-friendly bar is noted for twice-weekly burlesque shows.

Encampment outside The Newport at 5:30 AM June 21, 2017 for Twenty One Pilots' homecoming show. Biggest show in years. By afternoon, the line stretched all the way up to E. 15th and around the corner.

Inside the futuristic (computer-heavy, book-light) new Northside Library, 1350 N. High St. Opened June 22, 2017.

June 28, 2017- University City Mall on Olentangy River Rd. at Ackerman. Word last week is that it will be leveled to make way for... wait for it... vaguely Postmodern, 6-story, high-density residential with retail and restaurants on the ground floor .Demolition to begin by end of year.

University City Mall was built in 1961. Original anchors were a Kroger, a Woolworth's, and an Albers. In its 56 years, it has been home to a 2-screen theater, McDonalds, Cane's, Applebees, Big Lots, JoAnn's, a karaoke bar, Flippo's Ice Cream Factory, a Dairy Queen, Mt. Z's Pizza, Café Kabul, and a table tennis club.

Adjacent to Buckeye Village, University City was the first taste of America for many Asian, Near Eastern, and African students and their families attending Ohio State.

Alpha Psi fraternity house, probably somewhere on Neil Ave., in 1908. 10th and Neil were the fraternity row of the 1910s.

Long gone. Many old houses there have been lost over the decades to parking lots, ugly 1960s apartment buildings, and Ohio State buildings.

Jennings Hall 1914

RPPC of Jennings Hall and the view N up Neil Ave on an early summer morning about 100 years ago.

July 22, 2017- Signs inspired by the current political moment on Findley Ave. fence.

July 26, 2017- Trophies for the winning in the Coliseum at the 164th Ohio State Fair.