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"Pineapple Snow please."

Mykrantz Drugstores were a fixture of the neighborhood back in the early 20th Century. Mykrantz had 4 campus area locations: 5th and High, 9th and High, Norwich and High, and Hudson and Summit.

Drugstores of the day offered newspapers and magazines, cosmetics, and fast food as well as Coca-Cola with actual coca; Piso's, the cough syrup with cannabis; Pluto Water, the laxative with lithium; a dozen or so opium-laced alcohol patent medicines, and 1,000,001 laxatives ranging from pointless to turn-you-inside-out.

It's Halloween time! Jack-o'lanterns on porch at Summit and Chittenden.

Fall fashion 2017.

Happy Halloween! For as long as I can remember, the residents of this 1264 Hunter home have filled their small frontyard with elaborate, chaotic displays for every holiday. Some are store-bought but many are homemade. Note the tree monster, Grim Reaper, and spooky castle. You can't see it in this pic but there's also a painted plywood cutout of Barad-dûr from The Lord of the Rings.

November 7, 2017- New $1.4 million Davis Tower up north of Woodruff. Shockingly generic. Astonishingly unremarkable. Damned near useless. Has a clock face and LED screen on the other side but it doesn't help. Honestly WTF? $1.4 million for something that wouldn't look out of place in the parking lot of some exurban shopping mall. Oh, and they’re tearing down Adriatico’s now...

Came across a 1989 photo of Monkey's Retreat, 2400 N High. The dusty, chaotic, tai chi studio-alternative press newstand-comic store with a massive lazy cat lasted from 1975-1999 at that location and another decade in the Short North. One of the pillars of the local counterculture. Used to be a regular.

IT'S MICHIGAN WEEK 2017!!! A folksy portrait of Woody Hayes presides from the wall at the Bier Stube, 1479 N. High.

Sundial at Mack Hall (built 1923). Almost time for the Christmas Ghost that haunts that venerable dorm to make its annual appearance...

Early morning sun gilds Oldfields and its neighbors on a rare sunny December day. Ninety Decembers ago, this block would've been buzzing with shoppers stocking up for Christmas at the groceries, bakery, butcher, dry goods, and hardware store there.

Finals week for Autumn Semester 2017 at Ohio State and the 14th and High Starbucks is packed with student study dates.