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February 13, 2016- The original Waterbeds-n-Stuff, 2194 N. High. A campus institution, supplying those who partake for over 40 years. Store is located in the old Alhambra Court retail and rowhouse complex, built before the First World War.

Great find Sunday at the Paper, Postcard, and Book Show at Rhodes Center on the Ohio State Fairgrounds. This postcard from the 1919 Methodist Missions Centenary at the fairgrounds chronicles a Crawford County, Ohio farmgirl's visit there on July 8 and 9, 1919. More about this here.

North High School 1925

Snapshot of North High School, 100 E Arcadia, taken June 1, 1925--a few days after the school's dedication. Grounds are still mud, rubble, and weeds from construction and Arcadia appears to be unpaved. North operated from 1924 to 1979. For decades afterwards, it was a swing space for the district's othere schools. After considerable remodeling, it became the home of Dominion Middle School in 2020. North's alumni, the Polar Bears, are one of the most loyal alumni groups around and hold a reunion at the school every 4th of July.

Campus scene, c. 1910.


September 26, 2015- Scene in Ohio Stadium at Ohio State vs. Western Michigan game.

Mirror Lake, c. 1910.

Old brick and fieldstone steps remain 60 years after the fine old house they served was demolished to make way for an ugly box. N. 4th St. at Maynard.

SE corner of N. High and Chittenden in the late 1990s. Demolished to make way for South Campus Gateway in 2002. More of the old South Campus here.

King-Neil Building

1910 advertisement for King-Neil Building and the building today.


Old McMillin Observatory overlooking Mirror Lake Hollow. Stood between Pomerene Hall & Honors House (formerly President’s House). Built in 1895. Used until 1968. Demolished 1976.

The original Ohio Union (now Enarson Hall) on W. 12th Ave., shortly after opening to students in 1910. This building was a hub of campus social life until 1951 when the second Ohio Union, on High St., replaced it. Now Hale Hall.

Dumpster marriage proposal

Dumpster marriage proposal on South Campus, c 2010.

Art car

Outsider art car by neighborhood eccentric "The Redneck Rebel," parked on E 13th in 2003. Neighborhood eccentrics have pretty much disappeared as the rents have skyrocketed in recent years.