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July 25, 2018- Hot and tired food service worker takes a break and listens to a concert a few yards away as late day sun gilds a concession booth on Opening Day of the 165th Ohio State Fair.

August 2, 2018- Butter tribute to beloved holiday movie "A Christmas Story" complete with a leg lamp, Ralphie's bunny suit, and lighted butter Xmas tree at 165th Ohio State Fair. Some scenes were filmed in Cleveland. Best received in years.


August 2, 2018- Orange Creamsicle sunset over the Pineapple Dole Whip stand at the 165th Ohio State Fair.


August 4, 2018- Last week, all the the High St. buildings between E 15th and E 16th were demolished to make way for the University's "Arts District" gentrification project.

August 16, 2018- Serene view of the completely renovated and more natural-appearing Mirror Lake on the Ohio State University campus.


Reflecting a changing city, University City strip mall (built 1961) and its vast expanse of asphalt parking lot is being destroyed to be replaced with high-density housing with retail on the ground floor.

Sammy's 14-0 Express, 1481 N High St. They have a store cat which is novel for a carryout. Poster by door says "Canned veggies can make a great meal."

August 30, 2018- Behind the bar at the soon-to-be-defunct Mama's Pasta & Brew. So much character. So much personality. A tragedy it's being lost to the airport-restaurant-ization of High Street. To close November 30.

Note the trophies, postcards, and pics of regulars' kids. Do you think whatever corporate entity occupies Mama's coordinates will do anything like that?

View along N Grant back in 2003 when Columbus Coated Fabrics was still standing. All $400,000 houses now.

September 16, 2018- Buckeyes supporting the team on a porch at E 13th and Summit.