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September 18, 2018- Beautiful Orton Hall finally got what it has been missing the past 125 years: a dinosaur skeleton in the lobby. Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of donors--from preschoolers to college students to energy companies--a Cryolophosaurus ellioti now graces that wonderful old building. Perfect.


October 1. Tis the season!!!

Capital of a column in Orton Hall. Many of these feature skulls of apes and modern and ancient humans. Campus folklore has long held that a ghostly caveman haunts the halls of this 125-year-old building. Blood red stone in the column is Berea sandstone from the Waverly formation.

October 7, 2018- The new Mirror Lake on a warm, sunny afternoon in early October, just on the cusp of REAL autumn. Fall came really late this year then turned to winter almost instantly,

October 12, 2018- Goth girl looks for Nine Inch Nails CD at Magnolia Thunderpussy, 1151 N High St. Store started at 1585 N High back in 1971 and resided there until pushed aside for development of the South Campus Gateway. It reopened at its present location in late June 1999. Store's unusual name comes from a burlesque dancer who became a counterculture celebrity in the Haight-Ashbury scene in 1968 San Francisco


Local music history on the walls of Used Kids Records, 2500 Summit St. Posters and flyers for The Cramps at Crazy Mama's, Nick Cave at Stache's, The Godz at The Agora, and many more. Also appreciate the hand-written tags. Miss those.

October 28, 2018- Humble Dollar Store decorations brighten the window of a University District basement apartment at Halloween.


Dive bar aesthetic at Mama's Pasta and Brew, 21 Campus Place. After 41 years, closing for good November 30 to make way for High St gentrification.


Football fans outside Varsity Club, 278 W Lane Ave, on the day of the 2018 Ohio State-Michigan Game. Underdog Buckeyes (#10) upset Michigan (#4) 62-39.

December 3, 2018- The Huckleberry House folks lit up the old Jeffrey Mansion in Weinland Park this year!