Memorial Day 1909 saw the debut of the durably popular Shoot-the-Chutes attraction debuts at Indianola Park, 1950 N 4th St. The tall tower held a searchlight that could be seen for miles around. Indianola in 1909 also enticed visitors with the Blue Streak roller coaster, the "Human Laundry" funhouse. 1-hour vaudeville in the theater, concerts in the bandshell, dancing in the pavilion, Coulter's Colonial Restaurant, and--of course--the park's enormous and frigid pool.

Landmark Ohio Exterminating Co sign at 1347 N High, In business since 1936. Location threatened by imminent development.

Is there a heart so cold it doesn't delight at the nefarious critters in the Ohio Exterminating Co window display at 1347 N High? Apparently the shriveled blood-pumpers of real estate developers from St Louis.

Jersey cattle feeding about sunset at Ohio State's Waterman Agricultural and Natural Resources Laboratory across the river from campus.
I’ve alway loved that, in the middle of the city, there’s a 167-acre farm and that there are views where you can see the downtown skyline with cattle and cornfields in the foreground.

The futuristic new Ohio State University Medical Center, summer day, late 1950s. Doan Hall on the left. Upham on the right. Means Hall not visible. Only Doan still stands but will likely be demolished after the new Medical Center Tower rises on Cannon Drive in the early 2020s.