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Barren 1960s ugly box apartment building at 13th and Summit gets a mural make-over. I approve of this.

December 2019 in Mirror Lake Hollow. Christmas lights and snow. A winter fairyland. A rare sight in the almost snowless winter of 2019-20.

Festive Christmas window display at 5th Ave Floral Co, 1877 Kenny Rd. 5th Ave has been around over 100 years. Its original location and namesake was a greenhouse at 534 W 5th Ave--where Battelle is now.


January 5, 2020- Sign of the times. Ohio State students have mobilized against racists and fascists after white supremacist propaganda turned up in November at Dulles Hall and other spots on campus earlier in the year.


February 2, 2020- New WOSU studios rise north of E 14th on High St.

universalist church

June 1924 image of the Church of the Golden Rule, 125 E 16th Ave (opposite Indianola School). Golden Rule was a Universalist church and later known as First Universalist. The faithful worshipped there until the early 1970s. In the 1950s and 60s, the church was sympathetic to civil rights, anti-war, and other progressive causes and many activist groups held meetings there. In 1975, an entrepreneur sought to convert the empty church to an arthouse theater but was blocked by Indianola Elementary parents. Sunsequently, the building housed a dance company and artists' studios. Building was demolished in 2007 to make room for the new Evans Scholars House.

RPPC of 98 E Blake (NW corner of Blake and Findley) back in 1910 when the neighborhood was new.


Approximately 5,044th Sunday morning sky reflected in windows of the old Chapman Block in Weinland Park.


March 15, 2020- Sign for Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 call center at Ohio State's Ackerman Rd Complex. COVID has already completely transformed the community. In-person classes canceled at Ohio State and students sent home for the rest of Spring Semester. Elementary. middle, and high schools closed. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and other gathering places shuttered indefinitely. Grocery stores mobbed by people hoarding hand sanitizer and toilet paper. The Medical Center on high alert for the inevitable crush of victims. Last week was unprecedented and surreal. Next week could be horrific.