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Even in a plague year, the dying days of summer are still summer and a porch roof is still a makeshift beach.

"Welcome back, students!" advertisement from September 1970 for 12th Ave Shopping Center merchants with photo of the shopping center's anchors. Built in the early 1960s, it flourished until 1981 when Kroger and Super-X relocated to King and High. Shopping center steadily deteriorated over the next 20 years. Overgrown and abandoned mall replaced in early 2010s with East Village apartments.


September 27, 2020- "No Mask, No Service, No Entry." As the COVID pandemic grinds on towards its 7th month, a reminder on the door handle at Soussy Market, 1950 N 4th St in the Indianola Park Shopping Center.

Trump has no friends in this neighborhood.

October 4, 2020- More than ghosts and goblins to worry about this October.

October 5, 2020- Registering voters to the very last minute to save the republic from ruin. (New WOSU Studios under construction in the background.)

October 9, 2020- Nothing makes your campus crib creppier than a bunch of spoopy spiderweb.

Oct 18, 2020- Mask law at Apollo's, 1758 N High. "Hands covering mouth does NOT count."


October 25, 2020- Drunk-o punk-o for Halloween 2020.

election 2020

On November 3, 2020--with face masks, plexiglass shields, hand sanitizers, and social distancing--the most consequential election of our lifetimes took place. In a close race decided days after the election by about 100,000 votes spread across four states, Donald Trump was defeated after a nightmarish four years. 52% of University District voters cast their ballots overwhelmingly (85%) for Joe Biden. As this scene from the polling place in the Ohio Union shows, turnout on campus proper was regretably (and typically) dismal. Just 45% of registered voters.


November 9, 2020- As COVID burns out-of-control, each day brings record numbers of new cases and hospitalizations, and thoughtless Thanksgiving gatherings threaten a December nightmare, commandments for the current moment.

November 21, 2020- Time-worn door handles at the Garden Theater, 1187 N High. Opened 100 years ago this week. Imagining all the hands that have grasped those handles in its years as a movie palace, skid row grindhouse, strip joint/porn theater, youth rescue mission, and live theater venue.