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Spring Saturday night

March 27, 2021- Spring Saturday night at N High and Duncan.

First warm and sunny afternoon in April 2021 brought the crowds out to Midway even as Franklin County COVID cases rise again while mass vaccinations try to outrace a new, more infectious variant strain. Bar was cited by Ohio Public Health for volations of COVID masking and distancing rules.

The late afternoon of April 12, 2021 brought one of the most beautiful and vivid rainbows in years.

"Have a great day, now!" Small part of the large and growing shrine to Curtis Cunningham, beloved High St personality, at his former 18th and High haunt. Often wearing a t-shirt with his catchphrase, Curtis panhandled, did odd jobs, spread cheer, and made friends for many years. He passed last weekend.

Bloodroot with raindrops. Another beautiful Spring up in Iuka Ravine.

The Class of 2021 endured a rain-soaked Senior Crawl on May 4. It's Ok though. They've been through worse.

Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 (whose first day at Ohio State was marked by a total solar eclipse) ended a college career like no other with a graduation like no other: 43°F making it the coldest Spring Commencement in the University's 150 year history, pouring rain (setting an all-time record for the day), 15 mph winds, and rumbles of thunder.

The 12,345 graduates convened in morning or afternoon sessions on May 9 to allow social distancing. Guests were restricted to 2 and graduates sat with their guests. Graduates required a negative COVID test and alll attendees submitted to temperature checks. All attendees were required to be masked. Diplomas were handed out at the entrance.

As President Johnson said, "And forever, the class of 2021 will define resilience.”

One of my favorite things in the springtime around here is when flowers someone planted 50 or a 100 years ago burst forth in some neglected garden patch.

Glorious sunrise over the Ohio State University Medical Center complex.

Neil Ave near future intersection with W 12th. Girl with a parasol in a white dress with a black sash walks down the street on some long-ago spring day.

Seems like old times. Summer night margaritas at Cazuela's in The Gateway as vaccinations reach 49% in Franklin County, COVID cases plummet, and public health mandates are rolled back. COVID-19 is finally over.


This battered High St sign is almost all that's left of the anti-COVID messages on High St. As of mid-June 2021, all COVID-related restrictions have been allowed to lapse. Restaurants, bars, theaters, and clubs are back open. Masks have all been stuffed in the back of the drawer and campus is preparing to open without restrictions in the fall. Only 50% vaccinated in Franklin County but--between the crazies and the lazies--that's as good as it's ever going to get.