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SoHud Christmas

Completely charmed by the holiday decorations at Honey Cup Coffee up in SoHud. Sadly not around for long. Blown off overnight December 10 by high winds from the storm that produced massive tornadoes in SW Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. In December. Tornadoes.

Lights outside Rhodes Hall

Christmas lights in the sycamores in front of Ohio State University Medical Center, Rhodes Hall.

Chittenden Christmas

Chittenden Ave duplex sporting some festive Christmas door wrap. Doorwrap for Christmas used to be obligatory in Weinland Park. Don't see much of it anymore since the area started gentrifying.

State Theater at 100

100 years ago December 21st, the luxurious State Theater opened at 1722 N High, across from the Ohio State University campus. Decked out in Italian marble, Flemish velvet, mahoghany, gilt, brass, and rock crystal, The State was a true movie palace. The State was the finest and largest (2,500 seats) movie theater in Central Ohio outside downtown. It also featured a 2nd floor dancehall. After 49 years as a motion picture theater, the building became The Agora rock club in 1970. In 1984, The Agora became The Newport. Between them the two clubs have featured everybody who's anybody in rock as well as a good selection of R&B and blues performers in the past half-century.

Railroad tracks in winter

Jan 2, 2022- Early winter scene. Yellowed foxtail grass up by the railroad tracks. Double-stack cars loaded with shipping containers up on the CSX tracks.

New Ohio State University Medical Center under construction

January 7, 2022- Early morning, frosty construction site as new Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center rises.


January 23, 2022- The OUAB set up a mini-skating rink and inflatable snowglobe selfie station on a snowy afternoon on the West Patio of the Ohio Union. Continuing high rates of infection by the omicron variant of COVID caused the event to be scaled back massively from a planned Winter Wonderland.

Highest point on campus

Concrete poured for level 22 (of 25) of the elevator cores of new Ohio State University Medical Center, surpassing The James and making it the new tallest building on campus.

Snowy High St

High St at 12th Ave on a very early, very snowy February morning.

Hale Hall in snow

Venerable Hale Hall (built as first Ohio Union in 1909-11) on a snowy February morning.

Bier Stube interior

As the omicron wave of COVID wanes and people begin creeping out again, a lively night begins at campus' greatest dive bar, The Bier Stube, 1479 N High. Since 1968.

Ada B 1911

Ada B, a University District resident from the early 20th Century, posing with geraniums and morning glories in summer 1911 at her home on the NW corner of Findley and E Hudson. (A bit worse for 110 years' wear, the house still stands.) Ada is writing to inform the folks in Keota and Keokuk, Iowa that she and Papa won't be driving out in their machine this summer (1912)--Papa's not feeling well. However... if she gets married... maybe she will?


Fiberglass statue of Brutus Buckeye as astronaut hero John Glenn in office of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State. February 20 marks 60 years since Glenn became the first Ohioan to orbit the Earth. The fiberglass statue was one of nearly 100 novelty Brutus statues created and auctioned in the early 2000s as a fundraiser for renovation of the Main Library.