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Senior Bar Crawl 2022

Senior Bar Crawl 2022, the first truly post-COVID crawl. Crowd congrgating in lot between Ethyl & Tank and Midway while other parties ascend the stairs to the Big Bar on Newport's roof.

Olentangy Park, 05-29-1929

Olentangy Park opens 1929 season on May 19 with thrilling stunts by 1-armed, 1-legged daredevil high diver Capt. Smiles O'Timmons. Plus GIANT chimp and monkey circus.

Great Blue Heron

Great blue heron (Ardea herodias) feeding down at Mirror Lake yesterday afternoon. Students gone for the summer and creatures appreciating the more natural post-2018 makeover of the lake. Actually heard frogs calling down there earlier in the Spring.

Jupiter, Mars, the Moon and Jersey Mike's

Jupiter, Mars, the Moon and Jersey Mike's. Very early morning High St with astronomical objects. Jupiter, a very faint Mars, and a waning crescent moon all clustered together over 1666 High on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

Man in cowsuit cartooning

One of so many reasons I love the neighborhood. Encounters like these. Man in cow suit cartooning under tree on a Monday morning outside Buckeye Donuts, 1998 N High St. He was drawing dragons.

Feil Funeral Home

New find: Late 50s-early 60s ad for the Feil Funeral Home and Ambulance Service, 225-27 King Ave. Mid-20th Century saw at least four funeral homes operating in the neighborhood. Seems like a lot. Most of them are still standing and are now residences. One is a sorority house. There’s some ghost story fodder...

Steelworkers at new OSUMC

Shockingly casual workers up high, hanging steel, at new Ohio State University Medical Center.