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Night scene at the Ohio State Fair

Friday night scene on the midway at the 167th Ohio State Fair. Lemonade and curly fries.

Hammock kids

Hammocks are so vital to student life in the 2020s that tour gides point out the many potential hammock trees to prospective students.

Margarita girls

Autumn Semester 2022 girls out for Friday night margaritas at Cazuela's, 1542 N High.

Ohio Union historic doors

I've had occasion to be at the Ohio Union a few times recently. One of my favorite things in the building is tucked away in the SW corner of the 3rd floor. Doors from all of the Ohio Unions. L to R: original Ohio Union (now Hale Hall), 1910; Women's Union (now Pomerene Hall), 1922; late 20th century Ohio Union (demolished 2006), 1951; and current Ohio Union, 2010. Behind the doors are panels with photos and images from each of the buildings.

Skulls of Duncan

Halloween skulls and much more in a front yard on Duncan St. Old North Columbus remains a sanctuary of quirkiness, idiosyncrasy, and free expression in a city that strives desperately to be bland, beige, noncontroversial, inoffensive, and--above all else--developer-friendly.

Indianola home haunt

Year-in, year-out, this house at Indianola and Duncan delivers with its enthusastic and over-the-top front yard haunt.

Drunko jacko

With galloping inflation and pumpkins going for $6.99 per, jackos were scarcer than usual in the neighborhood for Halloween 2022. Good to know that the classics endure despite that.

Halloween party

Halloween party from about 100 years ago with a very frightened patron and something menacing lurking in the dark.

Custom-painted picnic table

Things college girls love, Autumn 2022.

Buckeye fans watch The Game

Buckeye fans thronging Midway, 1728 N High St, to watch 2022 version of The Game. Unbeaten #2 Ohio State played unbeaten #3 Michigan in Ohio Stadium. Alas, Michigan won. However, all the games broke right on December 2 so Ohio State ended up one of the four teams in the College Football Playoffs and may get another shot at Michigan for the National Championship.

Remuddled door/></p>
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One of the ghastlier remuddlings I've seen around here. Beautiful --if timeworn--original c 1910 door with surprisingly intact art glass transom, abominated by a completely thoughtless, utterly half-assed, banally evil replacement.

Blowmold Santa decorates a neighborhood porch at Christmas 2022.

Featured in the Columbus Dispatch!

Check it out!!! Your University District history friend got a write-up in the Columbus Dispatch (December 15, 2022.) Great story by reporter Sheridan Hendrix.

Outside art Nativity

Nativity scene by The Old Guy on Hunter Who Decorates for All the Holidays, A typically exuberant, over-the-top, outsider art installation of original homemade art--mostly painted plywood cutouts--and commercially produced items. These have been becoming more modest lately. Each holiday I wonder if it'll be the last.