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University Hall arch

When original University Hall was demolished in 1971, the arch and columns were salvaged and built into the 1976 University Hall. Neat to think that me, my daughter, most of you, and all the students before and since us have walked under the same arch that the very first Buckeyes passed beneath on the first day of classes 150 years ago.

Lane Ave Bridge in Pride colors

Lane Ave Bridge in rainbow colors for Pride 2023!!

Summit Station historical marker

Makes you glad to see it! New historic marker commemorating Summit Station, 2210 Summit St, one of the nation's first and longest-lived lesbian bars. Just dedicated yesterday! (Vandalized within a month in a reflection of these hate-filled times.)

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday, 1978 Summit St, celebrates its 50th anniversary this August. Opened in 1973 in a former drugstore, the bar was--and still is--decorated with fixtures from the old 1887 Franklin Co Courthouse. Shortly after opening, the bar hosted a new country-rock band McGuffey Lane which shortly became a campus, then Central Ohio, then regional sensation. The band was selling out shows nightly and the bar had to remodel to accomodate the all fans. 

''Two blocks and a world away from High Street," Ruby Tuesday continues serving up food, drinks, and entertainment to this day.   

NO relation to the multinational chain of suburban family dining establishments.

Mirror table

It's student move-out time and the most unusual furnishings appear on the sidewalks and in the alleyways.

Team Buckeye

Members of Team Buckeye at a fundraiser for Pelotonia. Started in 2008 and usually held the first week of August, the two-day bike event has raised over a quarter-billion dollars for cancer research and treatment at Ohio State's James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

Rutherford B Hayes scarecrow

"Rutherford B Hayes" scarecrow at the 168th Ohio State Fair. Every year Asa and I think about entering the scarecrow competition at the Fair but usually talk ourselves out of it, reasoning that our creation would be too macabre. More “Dark Night of the Scarecrow” than “Wizard of Oz.” After this entry, we might have to reconsider.

Dark ride Frankenstein

Making friends at the 168th Ohio State Fair!

Crowded midway at twilight

Crowded Friday night midway at the 168th Ohio State Fair. It was crowded a lot. Very pleasant weather led the fair to use the Long St overflow lots downtown several nights and close fair admission early on the last Saturday night of the fair.

Student move-in girls

Student move-in and campus today is all late-40-something moms and dads, cursing bikers and pedestrians, trying to maneuver colossal suburban trucks and SUVs down city streets. The wrong way.

Student move-in cars

Student move-in and campus is all 20 freshmen walking abreast down High St, going to buy pillows at Target.

Student home

Every year, I delight in watching new students move into spaces older than their parents (or grandparents)—some of them beautiful, some of them inhumanly basic—and creatively, lovingly, and cheaply convert them into their very first home.

Morning glory

Sunday morning streets: Nothing says end-of-summer any louder than ultraviolet morning glories under blue and cloudless September skies.