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Teens gathered at Dirty Dungaree's, laundromat, bar, and live music venue at 2584 N High St, for a hardcore show on a Saturday night in January 2024.

Foggy Lane Ave Bridge

Lane Ave Bridge on a foggy very early winter morning.

Sunning on the Orton erratic

Spring comes early these days. Students sunning themselves and sketching the Orton Hall Tower on the first weekend of March 2024. Artists are perched atop a 1-billion-year-old glacial erratic boulder recovered in 1905 near Waldeck and E 16th by Dr Edward Orton Jr. .Scraped off of the Canadian Shield and brought to Ohio by the Wisconsin glaciation, about 25,000 years ago.

Blossoms on Chittenden Ave

Blossoms already on Chittenden Ave and it's only the first week of March.

1913 Flood

Devastation in The Bottoms after the levee broke at 10 AM on March 25, 1913 and the waters of the Scioto--swollen by snowmelt and days of heavy rain--poured through. The flooding was Columbus' worst natural disaster ever. Here in the University District, the waters of the Olentangy flowed just yards from the rear of Townshend Hall and homes on W Woodruff were flooded to the second story.

Bar at Hounddog's Pizza

The bar at Hounddog's Pizza, 2657 N High St, on a Friday night in March. Buckeyes in the Big Ten basketball tournament on the TV.

Magnolia blossoms

First rays of the rising sun shine on the absolutely gorgeous magnolia at 1935 N 4th St in the Spring of 2024.

Flooded trail

A solitary girl walking through the cold, muddy waters on the flooded Olentangy Trail after heavy rains on April 2nd.

Eclipse 2024

On April 8, 2024, Central Ohio saw its first total eclipse of the sun since 1806. Around 3 PM, thousands gathered on The Oval to watch a sunny afternoon turn to night. The sky darkened. The air grew chill. Street lights came on. A red-tailed hawk circled. And--most amazing of all--10.000 or so Generation Z Buckeyes went silent in awe of the once-in-a-lifetime weird spectacle in the heavens.

Police car, South Oval

South Oval, 5 AM on April 26 after police violently and brutally removed students peacefully protesting the war in Gaza. In an act not seen in 54 years, the university called in campus police and state troopers to brutalize, arrest, and remove students for nothing other than expressing an inconvenient opinion. Bullshit "no encampments" and "quiet time" excuses were offered by an administration obviously answering to political pressure. A university is a place where ideas are expressed, exchanged, and debated. When administrators meet the peaceful expression of ideas with violence, they have fundamentally betrayed that mission, their students, their scholars, and the institution.

Senior Crawl 2024

Senior Crawl 2024. One last time in all the old places. The class that began its college career in the middle of the COVID pandemic finishes it in a season of campus upheaval. As things turned out, their graduation ceremony was something else too... Made the national news.

Sister Cindy

Campus preacher Sister Cindy stares down "fornicaaaators!!!" on The Oval at Ohio State in 1980. Former disco diva Cindy, her husband Brother Jed ("I found the King of Kings in the Burger King") and their colleague Max Lynch (who carried a large wooden cross) harangued sinners on campus lawns across the US from the 1970s to the early 2010s. Ohio State received more attention than most in the late 1980s because Jed and Cindy lived just south of campus and held church services in the Ohio Union. (Photo courtesy of Francie. Thanks!)


Great egretĀ (Ardea alba) among the reeds at Olentangy Wetlands.


Moonrise on an early June morning with the sun almost up at 5:30 AM. Bill Davis Baseball Stadium in foreground. Fawecett Center for Tomorrow in the background.

Mykrantz Pharmacy

Mykkrantz Pharmacy on the corner of E 9th and N High, c 1915.

Slammies Bar

Happy Pride 2024!! (This year more than ever!) Rainbow colors behind the bar at Slammies on High, 1607 N High, an LGBTQ+ bar in The Gateway.


Strange days these are. If someone from 2004 were to suddenly be catapaulted 20 years into the future, I think they could scarcely believe our present situation. Billboard behind Jetpack's Burgers foodtruck in the old Red Men Lodge parking lot in Old North Columbus.