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Ohioans jazz orchestra

The Ohioans were a popular Columbus jazz orchestra in the mid-1920s that played many campus dances and parties and were regulars at Smith's Iuka Dance Pavilion up on E Northwood. Check out that jazz baby on the drumhead art and the megaphones.

Wellington Hall

December 28, 2015- Venerable Wellington Hall. All closed up and slated for demolition for doubtful High St. revitalization project. A big chunk of campus character and history will go with it.

Starling-Loving Hall, east side

January 11, 2016- The original 1917 University Hospital building (brown brick) encased in the later 1925 University Hospital. Now Starling-Loving Hall. This wing was demolished in 2021 as a part of a massive renovation of Starling-Loving Hall and this section of med campus.

Eddie George's

January 17, 2016- Word comes down that Eddie George's Grille 27, one of the original South Campus Gateway tenants, is leaving after 10 years. Eddie George's will be remembered for good food, very loud sports, and 2-way mirrors in the men's room that allowed guys to keep watching the game when nature called.

Since 2016, location was home to a couple short-lived tenants before being reclaimed by the university to house its Student Entrepreneurship Center and a Starbucks.

Intersection of Lane and N. High, 2003. Mighty different today.

February 29, 2016- Crocuses blooming in our University District yard this February. It's been a mild winter.

March 21, 2016- Another High St. institution departs. Word came last week that Used Kids Records, 1980 N. High, will be moving to the Summit St. at Hudson area. Used Kids has been around since 1986. It's been at the current address since 2001. The move will leave High St without a record store for the first time in 65 years.

April 17, 2016- Spring means the resumption of monthly street sweeping in the University District neighborhoods and the resumption of mass towings.

Scores of cars not removed from main thoroughfares by early morning would be ticketed and towed monthly from April to November. While towing services enjoyed an 8-month-long Christmas, residents and poor students would face disrupted days and punishing fees and fines.

Marijuana activists

April 20, 2016- Legalization activists gather signatures for medical marijuana legalization at 15th and High on 4/20. Seven years later, in November 2023, campus voters joined the rest of Ohio in legalizing recreational marijuana by a margin of nearly 2:1.

April 25, 2016- High St. continues to changes at a rapid pace. This week the suburban-style Taco Bell at 1525 N. High closed. Taco Bell opened at that location in September 1994. Restaurant parking lot became a gathering place for motorcyclists on Friday and Saturday nights. Replaced by the Luxe Bell, another multi-story, blandly Postmodern apartment building with a Taco Bell on the ground floor.

May 2, 2016- Laundromat and dollar store on NE corner of 7th and N. High. Soon to be replaced by three, 6-story, blandly Postmodern apartment towers. Won't miss the suburban-style buildings or enormous unused parking lots. Welcome the higher density. But... Gentrification is death by a thousand cuts. Loss of a dollar store and a laundromat is just one more thing making life harder for poor area residents.